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"The learning experience is amazing. Perfectly timed, engaging, and the content has the potential to change your life."

Wagner denuzzo
Wagner Denuzzo
VP, GBS Leadership Talent Transformation at IBM

"This has been one of the most transformational courses I have ever taken--and it has been incredibly accessible to complete. Thank you!"

Sandy scott
Sandy Scott
Coach, speaker, author

Emotional Balance (two-week facilitated online course)


Introduction to the applied fundamentals of Emotional Intelligence based on the work of Dr. Goleman. Build your resilience, self-awareness, and focus with a group of fellow professionals on your own schedule.

Foundational Skills of Emotional Intelligence (series of 12 facilitated online courses)


Includes a completion certificate! On your own schedule, explore the Foundational Skills of Emotional Intelligence in facilitated, group courses. You'll learn the science behind each, why they matter, and how to apply them to positively differentiate yourself.

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Learn More Effectively

Shared and facilitator-guided learning is more effective and provides new perspectives.

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Differentiate Yourself

In a high-IQ talent pool, emotional intelligence differentiates top vs. mediocre performers.

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Build Emotional Intelligence

Learn to apply new Emotional Intelligence skills, based on Dr. Goleman's research.